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Director: Nikolaj Tarp
Year: 2009
Country: Denmark
Runtime: 12 minutes
Genre: Short / Horror

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20 years ago, two boys disappeared in the indoor swimming pool at Hulgårds School and now stories of a monster living at the bottom of the pool circulate amongst the pupils. The school's bullying victim, 11-year-old Lars, has written a love letter to an older girl, Sherin. When Sherin's boyfriend, the school's worst thug, finds the letter, he forces Lars to swim down to the bottom of the pool to fetch a shining coin. But Lars is convinced that the monster Aqualorius is waiting in the depths...

Children's Cast:

August Igor Svideniouk Egholm [11] Lars
Jonatan Tulested Jaymz
Sara Nybo Vinther Sherin

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