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Jesse (TV series 1998-2000)

All My Life (USA: working title)

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1998 September, 24
30 minutes

A single mother (Applegate) tries to find love again with her new boyfriend Diego, of whom her father disapproves. She gets help from her two brothers (one voluntarily mute) and two girlfriends at work (her father's bar). Complicating matters is her ex-husband, who walked out on her 7 years before, but is back to try and reinsert himself into the family. - IMDb

All My Life (working title) USA
Джеси (Bulgarian title) Bulgaria
Джесси Russia

Children's Cast:

Shia LaBeouf [13] Moe (TV Episode: Momma Was a Rollin' Stone) (1999)
Eric Lloyd [12] Little John Warner (TV Episode: First Blood) (1998)
Jonathan Osser [9] Barko (TV Episode: Barko, the Holiest Dog in the World) (1998)
Marina Malota [11] Mary (TV Episode: Barko, the Holiest Dog in the World) (1998)
Íñigo Garcés [12] Chacito (TV Episode: The Best Possible Deal) (1999)
Michael Welch [12] Gabe (TV Episode: Students Get Flu/Carrie at Zoo/Monkey Throw Poo) (1999)

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