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Medical Investigation (TV series 2004-2005)

The Cure (USA)
Medical Investigation (USA)

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2004 September, 9
60 minutes
Drama / Mystery

With the subtleness of the invisible and the potential deadliness greater than a bomb, disease can the most dangerous threat of all. When such outbreaks occur, an elite team of medical investigators from the National Institutes of Health lead by Dr. Stephen Connor is on the case to get to the bottom of the danger anywhere in the country. However, the medical situation is only part of the problem as their public relations officer simultaneously attempts to control to prevent public panic and complicate things still more. - IMDb

Alerta medicala Romania
The Cure USA
Iatrikes erevnes (transliterated title) Greece
Lekárske záhady Slovakia
Lékařské záhady Czechoslovakia
Lekársky tím v akcii Slovakia
Medical Investigation Italy
Medical Investigation Canada
Medical Investigation South Africa
Medical Investigation Spain
Medical Investigation Singapore
Medical Investigation Japan
Medical Investigation Netherlands
Medical Investigation USA
Medical Investigation Canada
Medical Investigation West Germany
Misja - Epidemia Poland
N.I.H. - alertes médicales France
Nakkusoht Estonia
Rejtélyes vírusok nyomában Hungary
Tartuntavaara Finland
Медицинское расследование Russia
Невидљиви противник Serbia

Children's Cast:

Paul Butcher [11] Tim Wayne (TV Episode: Mousetrap) (2005)
Alyssa Shafer [6] Gracie Harring (TV Episode: Escape) (2004)
Chris Massoglia [12] Jack Connor (TV Episode: You're Not Alone) (2004)
Hayden Tank [13] Michael Wayne (TV Episode: Mousetrap) (2005)
Katija Pevec [16] Ruby (TV Episode: In Bloom) (2004)
Adam Taylor Gordon [11] Joey White (TV Episode: Progeny) (2004)
Colton Shires [8] Boy (TV Episode: Price of Pleasure) (2004)
Laura Marano [10] Brooke Beck (TV Episode: Tribe) (2005)