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Gilmore Girls (TV series 2000-2007)

Gilmore Girls (Australia)
Gilmore Girls: Beginnings (USA: rerun title)
The Gilmore Way (USA)

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When on TV?

12 Jun, 13:05 ORF Eins
12 Jun, 13:50 ORF Eins
12 Jun, 14:30 ORF Eins
12 Jun, 15:15 ORF Eins

Lorelai Gilmore, 32, has such a close relationship with her daughter Rory that they are often mistaken for sisters. Between Lorelai's relationship with her parents, Rory's new prep school, and both of their romantic entanglements, there's plenty of drama to go around. - IMDb

Fetele Gilmore Romania
Gilmore Girls Canada
Gilmore Girls Sweden
Gilmore Girls Argentina
Gilmore Girls South Africa
Gilmore Girls Israel
Gilmore Girls India
Gilmore Girls Denmark
Gilmore Girls Canada
Gilmore Girls Indonesia
Gilmore Girls India
Gilmore Girls Australia
Gilmore Girls Brazil
Gilmore Girls Egypt
Gilmore Girls France
Gilmore Girls Mexico
Gilmore Girls Ecuador
Gilmore Girls USA
Gilmore Girls Singapore
Gilmore Girls West Germany
Gilmore Girls Netherlands
Gilmore Girls Philippines
Gilmore Girls Thailand
Gilmore Girls United Kingdom
Die Gilmore Girls Austria
Gilmore Girls: Beginnings (rerun title) USA
Gilmore Girls: Tal Mãe, Tal Filha Brazil
Gilmore Girls: سنة في العمر United Arab Emirates
Gilmore Kızları Turkey
The Gilmore Way USA
Gilmore'i tüdrukud Estonia
Gilmoreice Croatia
Gilmoren tytöt Finland
Gilmoro merginos Lithuania
Gilmorova devcata Czechoslovakia
Kochane kłopoty Poland
Las chicas Gilmore (dubbed version) Argentina
Las chicas Gilmore Spain
Una mamma per amica Italy
Midve z mamo Slovenia
Những Cô Gái Nhà Gilmore Vietnam
Szívek szállodája Hungary
Ženy z rodu Gilmorovcov Slovakia
Οικογένεια Γκίλμορ Greece
Гилморове Serbia
Дівчата Гілмор Ukraine
Девочки Гилмор Russia
Момичетата Гилмор Bulgaria
ギルモア・ガールズ Japan
吉爾莫女孩 Taiwan
吉爾莫女孩 Hong Kong
길모어 걸스 South Korea

Children's Cast:

Jimmy Bennett [11] Macon (TV Episode: Santa's Secret Stuff) (2007)
Dylan Smith [10] Kid #2 (TV Episode: Richard in Stars Hollow) (2002)
Kyle Chavarria [10] Megan (TV Episode: Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out) (2005)
Abigail Mavity [11] Joanna Krumholtz (TV Episode: A Messenger, Nothing More) (2004)
Hayden Tank [11] Riley (TV Episode: The Hobbit, the Sofa, and Digger Stiles) (2003)
Kelsey Lewis [11] Caroline (TV Episode: Lorelai's First Cotillion) (2006)
Kyle Gibson [17] Jacob (TV Episode: Rory's Dance) (2000)
Madeline Zima [16] Lisa (TV Episode: Like Mother, Like Daughter) (2001)
Steffani Brass [11] Young Rory (TV Episode: Those Are Strings, Pinocchio) (2003)
Channing Nichols [12] Bonnie (TV Episode: Let Me Hear Your Balalaikas Ringing Out) (2005)
Charlie Stewart [8] Bobby / Kid #3 (TV Episode: Nick & Nora/Sid & Nancy) (2001)
Courtney Taylor Burness [11] Tiffany (TV Episode: Lorelai's First Cotillion) (2006)
Elliott Cho [11] Little Korean Boy (TV Episode: Come Home) (2005)
Savannah Stehlin [10] Cissy (TV Episode: The Real Paul Anka) (2006)
Ashley Lauren Cunningham Jill #1 (TV Episode: The Hobbit, the Sofa, and Digger Stiles) (2003)
Aidan Gould [10] Kid Sinclair (TV Episode: Hay Bale Maze) (2007)
Sierra Abel [12] Tara (TV Episode: Women of Questionable Morals) (2005)
Adam Wylie [17] Brad Langford (TV Episode: Those Are Strings, Pinocchio) (2001)
Vanessa Marano [13] April Nardini (TV Episode: Lorelai? Lorelai?) (2005)
Nathan Weiss Chorus / Damon (TV Episode: We've Got Magic to Do) (2005)
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