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George Lopez (TV series 2002-2007)

The George Lopez Show (USA: working title)

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2002 March, 27
30 minutes
Comedy / Drama

Comedian George Lopez stars as a Los Angeles manufacturing plant manager attempting to deal with his wacky family along with other random mishaps. - IMDb

The George Lopez Show (working title) USA
Une famille du tonnerre France
Джордж Лопес Russia

Children's Cast:

Soren Fulton [13] Eric (TV Episode: Angie Gets Tanked) (2004)
Skye McCole Bartusiak [12] L'il Bit (TV Episode: The Simple Life) (2004)
Brenda Song [14] Jennifer (TV Episode: Token of Unappreciation) (2002)
Ashly Holloway Kristi Chapman (TV Episode: The Kidney Stays in the Picture) (2006)
Carly Schroeder [12] Ashley (TV Episode: Token of Unappreciation) (2002)
Hayden Tank [10] Kid #3 (TV Episode: Max's Big Adventure) (2002)
Jordan Calloway Kid #2 (TV Episode: Max's Big Adventure) (2002)
Jordan Masterson [16] Adam Connors (TV Episode: Love Bites) (2002)
Dani Goldman [11] Michelle (TV Episode: Love Bites) (2002)
Rory Charles Thost [11] Timmy (TV Episode: Max's Big Adventure) (2002)
Mayan Lopez Jackie (TV Episode: George Rocks to the Max and Gets Diss-Band-ed) (2007)
Sierra Abel [10] Fairy Girl (TV Episode: No One Gets Out Alive) (2003)
Ashley Edner [14] Frances (TV Episode: The Cuban Missus Crisis) (2003)
J.B. Gaynor [13] Ricky (TV Episode: George Has Two Mommies) (2003)
Kenneth Schmidt [15] Boy #1 (TV Episode: Curious George) (2002)
Wil Myer [11] Kyle (TV Episode: Sk8erboyz) (2004)
Noah Luke Davey (TV Episode: Fishing Cubans) (2003)
Hilary Duff [16] Kenzie / Stephanie (TV Episode: Team Leader) (2003)
Paige Hurd [10] Little Girl (TV Episode: Halloween Cheer) (2002)

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