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Die Alpenklinik - Riskante Entscheidung (TV)

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2009 May, 1

Finally Miriam Berghoff and Daniel Guth will marry. One of his wedding guests is his former friend Stefan, who comes with his wife Antonia and his son Noah. While a dance Stefan suddenly breaks down. It determines a heart failure. Daniel and Miriam act everything to save his live and cancel their wedding weeks. And another accident happened. Miriam's son Frederik has an accident with his child-motorcycle which Linda, Miriam's half-sister, has presented him. He seems to be dead. The experienced physician knows, that he has only a low surviving chance and that he has to use it. - IMDb

Die Alpenklinik - Riskante Entscheidung West Germany
Die Alpenklinik 4 West Germany
Alpesi klinika - Kockázatos döntés Hungary
La clinica tra i monti - Una scelta pericolosa Italy

Children's Cast:

Lukas Schust [12] Frederik Berghoff