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Midsomer Murders (TV series)

Midsomer Murders (USA)

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1997 March, 23
United Kingdom
100 minutes
Crime / Drama / Mystery

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The British detective drama revolves around DCI Barnaby's efforts to solve numerous murders that take place in the fictional English county of Midsomer. The current lead character is DCI John Barnaby, who is the younger cousin of former lead character DCI Tom Barnaby. The Barnabys have worked with several different sergeants throughout the run of the show, including Sgt Gavin Troy, Sgt Dan Scott, Sgt Ben Jones and Sgt Charlie Nelson. - IMDb

Los asesinatos de Midsomer Spain
Los asesinatos de Midsomer Mexico
Barnaby West Germany
Crimele din Midsomer Romania
Crimes de Midsomer Portugal
Inspecteur Barnaby France
Inspector Barnaby West Germany
L'ispettore Barnaby Italy
Kisvárosi gyilkosságok Hungary
Kriminalkommissær Barnaby Denmark
A Midsomer gyilkosságok Hungary
Midsomer Murders Israel
Midsomer Murders India
Midsomer Murders India
Midsomer Murders Netherlands
Midsomer Murders Philippines
Midsomer Murders Singapore
Midsomer Murders Thailand
Midsomer Murders Turkey
Midsomer Murders USA
Midsomer Murders South Africa
Midsomer Murders United Arab Emirates
Midsomer Murders Australia
Midsomer Murders Canada
Midsomer Murders Canada
Midsomer Murders Ecuador
Midsomer Murders United Kingdom
Midsomer Murders Hong Kong
Midsomer Murders Indonesia
Midsomeras slepkavības Latvia
Midsomeri mõrvad Estonia
Midsomerin murhat Finland
Midsomerio žmogžudystės Lithuania
Mord og mysterier Norway
Morden i Midsomer Sweden
Morderstwa w Midsomer Poland
Os Assassinatos de Midsomer Brazil
Ubojstva u Midsomeru Croatia
Umori na podezelju Slovenia
Vraždy v Midsomeri Slovakia
Vraždy v Midsomeru Czechoslovakia
Суто англійські вбивства Ukraine
Убийства в Мидсъмър Bulgaria
Убиства у Мидсамеру Serbia
Чисто английские убийства Russia
バーナビー警部 Japan
駭人命案事件 Taiwan
미드소머 머더스 South Korea

Children's Cast:

Sophie Stuckey [15] Dora Southerly (TV Episode: Country Matters) (2006)
Anna Maguire Ettie Moore (TV Episode: Death and Dreams) (2003)
Ella Jones [10] Young Trish (TV Episode: Dead Man's Eleven) (1999)
Nick Robinson [13] Felix Bryce (TV Episode: Death's Shadow) (1999)
Rory Copus [13] Howard Frears (TV Episode: Ghosts of Christmas Past) (2004)
Greg Sheffield Lee / Phillip Merrick (TV Episode: The Oblong Murders) (2005)
John Bell [16] Jamie Carr (TV Episode: The Sicilian Defence) (2013)
Josef Lindsay Young Boy / Robin Hood (TV Episode: Secrets and Spies) (2006)
Charlie Hicks Sean Fielding (TV Episode: A Worm in the Bud) (2002)
Isabella Blake-Thomas Holly (TV Episode: Schooled in Murder) (2013)
Thomas Grant Peter Craxton (TV Episode: Bantling Boy) (2005)
Eloise Webb [10] Poppy Ordish (TV Episode: Schooled in Murder) (2013)
Clarista Hoult [10] Julie Fielding (TV Episode: A Worm in the Bud) (2002)