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Sonny with a Chance (TV series)

Welcome to Mollywood (USA: working title)

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2009 February, 8
23 minutes
Comedy / Family / Romance

Sonny Monroe is destined for stardom after Hollywood producers see a film that she made and put on the Internet. Sonny is soon whisked away from her home in Wisconsin and arrives in Hollywood where she is offered a starring role in her favorite TV show that will change her life. - IMDb

Mia efkairia gia ti Sonny Greece
Sani, zvezda u usponu Serbia
Sonny France
Sonny Munroe Germany
Sonny tra le stelle Italy
Sonny'nin Yildizi (Turkish title) Turkey
Sonny, a sztárjelölt Hungary
Sonnys sjanse Norway
Sunny Entre Estrelas Brazil
Sunny Entre Estrelas Portugal
Sunny entre estrellas Spain
T'nu Le Sonny Chance (Hebrew title) Israel
Welcome to Mollywood (working title) USA
Дайте Санни шанс Russia

Children's Cast:

William Brent [15] Wesley (TV Episode: Sonny with a 100 Percent Chance of Meddling) (2010)
Selena Gomez [17] Girl (TV Episode: Sketchy Beginnings) (2009)
Allisyn Ashley Arm [13] Zora Lancaster (TV Episode: New Girl) (2009)
Ariana Guido Dancer-Improv (TV Episode: New Girl) (2011)
Madison De La Garza [8] Young Sonny Munroe (TV Episode: Cookie Monsters) (2009)
Kortnee Simmons [16] McKenzie Falls Cast Member (TV Episode: Sonny at the Falls) (2009)
Genevieve Hannelius [11] Dakota Condor

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