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Director: Michael P. Tedford
Year: 2008
Country: USA
Runtime: 30 minutes
Genre: Short / Fantasy

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Maro is the telling of the inner struggles one man faces in his quest to find his true love. Through his love, courage, and innocence, Maro fights through his journey and eventually must learn to overcome not only external forces, but his inner demons as well. This story is highly visual, it is 36 minutes long and only has 3 lines of dialog.

Children's Cast:

Hunter Clary [11] Carnival Child
Elan Garfias [9] Young Maro
Sean Levan Young Boy
Dakota Benjamin Carter Carnival Child
Nick Christianson Carnival Child
Parker Contreras Carnival Child
Ashley Lauren Cunningham Carnival Child
Jessica Dassa Carnival Child
Yana Doncheva Carnival Child
Michelle Field [14] Carnival Child
Harley Graham [7] Bathery's Child
Nicole Khaladj Carnival Child
Austin Leisle [16] Carnival Child
Madison Leisle [9] Carnival Child
Kayla Clary Young Amara
Jake Elliott Carnival Child

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