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Manneken Pis

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1995 May, 1
89 minutes
Comedy / Drama / Romance
Production Company:

Harry arrives in Brussels, meets, and falls in love with tram driver Jeanne. He rents an apartment near the "Manneken Pis" stop, and gets a job in the restaurant "La Croquette Magique". The slightly eccentric concierge of his apartment block, Denise, happens to be Jeanne's best friend, and with her attempts to bring Harry and Jeanne closer together, a game of attraction and repulsion begins that will affect not only their own lives but also the lives of those around them. - IMDb

Manneken Pis Belgium
Manneken Pis Spain
Manneken Pis France
Le scarpe d'oro Italy
Κάτω απο τα φτερά ενός αγγέλου Greece
Μάνεκεν Πις Greece
Маннекен пис Russia
小便小僧の恋物語 Japan

Children's Cast:

Ides Meire [10] Jonge Harry
Karel Baetens Ronny