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Frío sol de invierno


Aka: Cold Winter Sun (World-wide)
Director: Pablo Malo
Year: 2004
Country: Spain
Runtime: 104 minutes
Genre: Drama

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Adrián, an atractive twenty-five year old from a wealthy family, is discharged from the sanatorium to which he is periodically admited for psychiatric treatment. His mother is dead. That same morning a lawyer tells him that his father intends to abandon the city and live with another woman, leaving him the legacy of the now empty family house. Late that same night Gonzalo, an adolescent who gets by on odd, often shady jobs, unloads a truckin a used car dump. For years his mother, Raquel, has been scraping a living on the streets while her relationship with Gonzalo becomes increasingly more difficult despite the boy's attempts to please her; his efforts are almost always met with rejection and distance.

Children's Cast:

Francisco Larrañaga [14]

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