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Our Lips Are Sealed (Video)

Blabbermouth (USA)
Our Lips Are Sealed (Australia)

My Rating: /10
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2000 November, 21
89 minutes
Comedy / Crime / Family


Well, look who grew up: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, once the sleepy-eyed preschoolers in the hit TV sitcom Full House, now wake to find themselves ready for their first day of high school. But the day doesn't shape up as ultra-fantastically as in their dreams. A series of bizarre circumstances (involving some supercharged catsup and a criminal with a "really gross zit") force them into a life-threatening situation in which only the FBI Witness Protection Program can help. It turns out that Mary-Kate and Ashley are their own worst enemies; the girls continually blow their cover until finally they're booted down under to the warm and sparkling recreation mecca of Sydney, Australia. Here the challenge to keep a secret takes second fiddle to the bigger challenges of fitting in with the popular group, learning Aussie lingo, and (apparently) changing into a new set of adorable clothes and accessories in almost every scene. Fans from 6 to 13 years old will probably enjoy the daffy antics of the Olsens, their adventures with cute boyfriends, and their ability to thwart the goofy bad guys. Plus, their acting ability--although crippled by yet another bubblehead script--continues to improve. To the parental crowd, the film plays somewhat like a New Age beach-blanket movie with plenty of surfer parties, flower-power fun, overblown story points, mild potty humor, and lots of belly buttons (LOTS of belly buttons). The movie also has some inexplicable references (to such grown-up phenomena as The Blair Witch Project and The Sopranos) that are bound to go way over the target audience's heads. Yet it's 90 minutes of absolutely clean fun that fans will eat up. - Liane Thomas

После того, как сестры Эшли и Эбби Паркер случайно предотвратили дерзкое ограбление, ФБР прячет всю их семью, применив Программу защиты свидетелей. Под новыми именами их перевозят в Техас, и все, что нужно от чересчур расторопных девчонок - это держать язык за зубами... Но оказалось, что ФБР требует невозможного! Поэтому по вине болтушек Паркеров постоянно возят с места на место, заметая следы. В конце концов они оказались в далекой Австралии. И так как ехать было больше некуда, выпутываться из этой истории сестренкам пришлось прямо здесь...

Blabbermouth USA
Confusão na Austrália Brazil
Due gemelle in Australia Italy
Liées par le secret France
Mystiki apostoli Greece
Ne szólj szánk! Hungary
Nikomu ani słowa Poland
Nuestros labios están sellados Spain
Our Lips Are Sealed Australia
Our Lips Are Sealed Canada
Our Lips Are Sealed Canada
Our Lips Are Sealed United Kingdom
Our Lips Are Sealed USA
Seje Søstre på Eventyr Denmark
Egy Szót se! Hungary
Top Secret - Zwei Plappermäuler in Australien West Germany
Tvillingarnas vilda äventyr Finland
Tvillingarnas vilda äventyr Sweden
Vaaralliset hölösuut Finland
Μυστική αποστολή Greece
Рот на замку Ukraine
Рот на замок! Russia

Children's Cast:

Mary-Kate Olsen [14] Maddie Parker / Maddy Turtleby / Karla Frauenfelder
Ashley Olsen [14] Abby Parker / Abby Turtleby / Andrea Frauenfelder