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Jason King (TV series 1971-1972)


Director: Cyril Frankel, Jeremy Summers, Roy Ward Baker ... more
Release: 15 Sep 1971
Country: UK
Runtime: 60 minutes
Genre: Action / Adventure

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This spin-off from the earlier "Department S" continued the adventures of hedonistic, womanizing dandy Jason King. After leaving Department S, Jason settled down to a full-time career of writing (trashy) Mark Caine novels. He philandered his way around the world, doing research for his stories and tripping over a variety of odd--often verging on surreal--cases, usually involving beautiful women. He was occasionally blackmailed into working for British Intelligence under the threat of being arrested for unpaid back taxes. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Adrian Hall [12] Bell Boy (TV Episode: Variations on a Theme) (1971)

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