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Odyssey 5 (TV series 2002-2004)

Also known as: Epistrofi apo to mellon (Greece: transliterated ISO-LATIN-1 title)
Director: Peter Weller, Stephen Williams, Ken Girotti ... more
Release: 21 Jun 2002
Country: Canada
Runtime: 60 minutes
Genre: Drama / Mystery / Sci-Fi

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The astronaut crew of a space shuttle looks on in horror as they witness the violent destruction of the Earth. However, they are given a chance to change humanity's fate when a sympathetic alien sends them five years into the past. Their mission--find out who's responsible for the plot to destroy the planet. Can they deal with their own pasts while saving the world from the mysterious organism known only as "Leviathan?" - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Sophie Bennett [13] Brianna Mason (TV Episode: Dark at the End of the Tunnel) (2002)
Dash Grundy Tree Child (TV Episode: Rapture) (2002)
Joshua Watkis Kid (TV Episode: Begotten) (2003)
Devon Bostick [11] Joey Grossman / Gothic Teen (TV Episode: Time Out of Mind) (2002)

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