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The Fisher Family (TV series 1952-1988)

This Is the Life (USA: new title)

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1952 September, 9
30 minutes
Drama / Family

Each week, "This is the Life" presented dramas dealing with contemporary problems and how they were resolved using a Christian solution. Examples might include a professional baseball player who had betrayed the trust of his team; a college student who was mourning the loss of his girlfriend in a car accident; a recovering alcoholic struggling with the temptation to jump off the wagon; and a couple contemplating divorce. In the early years, the program featured the Fisher family, a "typical family" from Middleburg in an unnamed Midwestern state; in later years, the programs featured new characters and settings. - IMDb

This Is the Life (new title) USA

Children's Cast:

Danielle Brisebois [9] Tammy (TV Episode: The Stableboy's Christmas) (1978)
Kirby Furlong [11] Timmy Petrie (TV Episode: A Gift of Tears) (1974)
Patrick Labyorteaux [8] Eric Barrington (TV Episode: Child of Rage, Child of Tears) (1973)
Joshua Horowitz [8] (TV Episode: Father's Day) (1985)
Sparky Marcus [11] The Stableboy (TV Episode: The Stableboy's Christmas) (1978)
David Kasday [10] Freddie Fisher (TV Episode: The Fisher Family) (1952)

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