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Kate & Allie (TV series 1984-1989)

Kate & Allie (USA)

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1984 March, 19
30 minutes


When Allie Lowell divorces her husband and gets custody of their two children, she moves to New York City and moves in with her best friend, Kate McArdle, also divorced and raising a daughter. They form a unique kind of family unit in this comedy from the 1980s. - IMDb

Aline et Cathy France
Kate & Allie USA
Kate & Allie South Africa
Kate & Allie Australia
Kate & Allie Canada
Kate & Allie Canada
Kate & Allie West Germany
Kate & Allie Ecuador
Kate & Allie Finland
Kate & Allie United Kingdom
Kate & Allie Japan
Kate e Allie Italy
Kate i Allie Poland
Kate y Allie Spain
Кејт и Ели Serbia
Кейт и Элли Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Allison Smith [15] Jennie Lowell (TV Episode: The Wedding) (1984)
Fred Koehler [9] Chip Lowell (TV Episode: What a Wonderful Episode) (1984)
Jessica DiCicco [9] (TV Episode: The Wedding) (1989)
Jonathan Brandis [8] Chip's Friend (TV Episode: Odd Boy Out) (1984)
Ari Meyers [15] Emma McArdle / Emma Jane McArdle (TV Episode: The Clip Show) (1984)
Martha Byrne [16] Carter Lowe (TV Episode: The Bad Seed) (1985)
J.D. Daniels [9] Lou Jr. (TV Episode: What a Wonderful Episode) (1989)
David Moscow [12] Eugene (TV Episode: Dates of Future Past) (1986)
Jason Allen Scotty Lowell
Danny Gerard [10] (TV Episode: Dearly Beloved) (1987)
Jenna von Oÿ [10] (TV Episode: Dearly Beloved) (1987)
Tristine Skyler [17] Sherry (TV Episode: Inside Park Avenue) (1988)
Brent Katz [10] Anthony (TV Episode: Ted's Back) (1986)
Raymond Rosario Eddie (TV Episode: Halloween II) (1986)
Gina Gallagher [7] (TV Episode: The Wedding) (1989)
Noelle Parker [16] Lexi (TV Episode: Jennie's New Deal) (1987)