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Silver Spoons (TV series 1982-1987)

Silver Spoons (Australia)

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1982 September, 25
30 minutes
Comedy / Family
Production Company:


The story of young Ricky Stratton and his millionaire father, Edward, who lives very much like a young boy himself, in a house filled floor to ceiling with toys. Still, Edward takes raising Ricky seriously, and tries to avoid spoiling him while still letting him enjoy his childhood. - IMDb

Cuna de oro Argentina
Il mio amico Ricky Italy
Ricky ou la belle vie France
Silver Spoons Australia
Silver Spoons USA
Silver Spoons Poland
Silver Spoons Singapore
Silver Spoons Canada
Silver Spoons West Germany
Silver Spoons Canada
Silver Spoons South Africa
Silver Spoons India
Серебряные ложки Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Ricky Schroder [12] Ricky Stratton (TV Episode: Let It Snow, Let It Snow) (1982)
Sydney Penny [13] Billie (TV Episode: Changes) (1984)
Meeno Peluce [14] Toby (TV Episode: Spare the Rod) (1984)
Keith Coogan [16] Cubby (TV Episode: Rick Sings) (1986)
Allison Smith [14] Barbra Webster (TV Episode: The Toy Wonder) (1983)
Amanda Peterson [11] Sally Frumbel (TV Episode: Takin' a Chance on Love) (1982)
Bobby Fite [15] J.T. Martin (TV Episode: The World's Greatest Father) (1983)
Byron Thames [15] Randy (TV Episode: Survival of the Fittest) (1984)
Christa Denton [12] Nicole / Carol (TV Episode: Rick at 16) (1984)
Gary Coleman [14] Arnold Jackson (TV Episode: The Great Computer Caper) (1982)
Joey Lawrence [6] Joey Thompson (TV Episode: The Best Christmas Ever) (1982)
Rachel Jacobs [15] Sally (TV Episode: The Secret Life of Ricky Stratton) (1985)
Billy Jayne [16] Brad (TV Episode: Let It Snow, Let It Snow) (1985)
John P. Navin Jr. [14] Ox (TV Episode: Me and Mr. T) (1982)
Brad Kesten [16] Bobby (TV Episode: Band on the Run) (1987)
Jason Bateman [13] Derek Taylor (TV Episode: Mr. President) (1982)
Katie Barberi [13] Wanda O. Biddle (TV Episode: The Secret Life of Ricky Stratton) (1985)
David Wagner Calvin Plotkin (TV Episode: I Won't Dance) (1984)
K.C. Martel [17] Bobby (TV Episode: Best Friends) (1984)
Elizabeth Berkley [14] Melissa (TV Episode: Rick Moves Out) (1986)
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