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Centennial (mini)

Centennial (USA)
James A. Michener's Centennial (Australia)

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1978 October, 1
Action / Adventure / Drama / Romance / Western
Production Company:
$ 25 000 000


This is the story of the evolution of the town Centennial, Colorado. It follows the paths of dozens of people who come to the area for many reasons: money, freedom, or crime. It also shows the bigoted treatment of the Native Indians by the advancing US colonists. It is topped off with a murder mystery that takes 100 years to solve. - IMDb

Centenario Venezuela
Centennial Canada
Centennial Spain
Centennial South Africa
Centennial Ecuador
Centennial Netherlands
Centennial USA
Centennial United Kingdom
Colorado France
Colorado Italy
Colorado Saga Canada
Colorado Saga West Germany
Colorado Saga West Germany
Colorado Saga Austria
Coloradosagaen Denmark
James A. Michener's Centennial Australia
Kampen om Colorado Sweden
Kun länsi oli nuori Finland
Столетие Soviet Union
遥かなる西部 Japan

Children's Cast:

Doug McKeon [13] Philip Wendell (TV Episode: The Storm) (1979)
Tiger Thompson Young Beeley Garrett (chapter 9) (TV Episode: (chapter 9) unknown episodes) (1978)
Steve Shaw [14] Paul Garrett (TV Episode: The Winds of Death) (1979)
Dennis Dimster [14] Timmy Grebe (TV Episode: The Winds of Death) (1979)
Steven Andrade 1st Arapaho (chapter 2)
Michael LeClair Young Jim Lloyd (TV Episode: The Longhorns) (1978)