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Sanctuary (TV series)

My Rating: /10
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2008 October, 3
44 minutes
Drama / Fantasy / Mystery / Sci-Fi

Stem cells, gene therapy, transplants, cloning; The very meaning of the word "humanity" changes daily in the modern world. But there is a darker side to the evolution of mankind, a truth only a few brave souls are willing to face: There are monsters loose in the world. And they are the key to the future of our race. - IMDb

Génrejtek Hungary
Refugiul Romania
Sanctuary - Wächter der Kreaturen Germany
Sanktuarium Poland
Svätyňa Slovakia
Svatyně Czech Republic
Utočište Croatia
Varjupaik Estonia
Убежище Russia
サンクチュアリ (Japanese title) Japan

Children's Cast:

Alex Ferris [14] Young Will (TV Episode: Homecoming) (2011)
Cainan Wiebe [13] Alexei (TV Episode: Sanctuary for All: Part 1) (2008)
Nicole Muñoz [15] Jessica Mitchell (TV Episode: Pavor Nocturnus) (2009)
Sam Laird [16] Robbie Meyers (TV Episode: Edward) (2008)
Emily Tennant Patricia Heathering (TV Episode: Warriors) (2008)
Darien Provost Young Will (TV Episode: Sanctuary for All: Part 2) (2008)
Valin Shinyei [9] Biza / Beza (TV Episode: Kali: Part III) (2010)
Bal Nagra Janu (TV Episode: Kali: Part III) (2010)
Sean Mathieson Young Henry (TV Episode: Edward) (2008)

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