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Quest of the Delta Knights (Video)

Lost Storehouse (USA)
Quest of the Delta Knights (USA)

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1993 October, 1
97 minutes
Fantasy / Action / Adventure


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This action-comedy takes place on a world where the 15th Century finds Europe still caught in the grip of the Dark Ages. A young boy named Tee is sold into slavery, and bought by the beggar Raydoor, who takes him on as an apprentice. When Raydoor realizes that Tee is the subject of a prophecy, he reveals himself as one of the Delta Knights, a secret order dedicated to helping humanity. Trained by Raydoor, Tee also becomes a Delta Knight and joins forces with a ne'er-do-well painter named Leonardo (from the small town of Vinci), and a tavern girl, Thena. Pursued by Lord Vultare, minion of the wicked Mannerjay, they set out on a quest to find the lost treasures of Archimedes. - IMDb

В давние времена злой Черный рыцарь лорд Валтасар правил землей, а отпор ему давали только храбрые и благородные рыцари Дельты... Черный рыцарь убил всю семью мальчика Трэвиса, жившую в поместье недалеко от Лондона. На аукционе его как раба покупает за одну медную монету благородный Бэйду, и постепенно они становятся друзьями...

Die Abenteuer der Delta Ritter West Germany
Felfedezőúton a Delta lovagok Hungary
I anazitisi (transliterated title) Greece
Lost Storehouse USA
Magos y hechiceros Spain
Os cavaleiros Delta Brazil
På jakt efter Deltariddarna Sweden
Quest of the Delta Knights USA
Le secret de la voûte enchantée Canada
Η αναζήτηση Greece
Тайна рыцарей Дельты Russia

Children's Cast:

Corbin Allred [14] Tee
Joshua Fredric Smith [13] Young boy