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Diese Drombuschs (TV series 1983-1994)

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1983 December, 25
West Germany
105 minutes
Comedy / Drama / Romance


This critically acclaimed drama focuses on the Drombuschs, an average German family living in Darmstadt near Frankfurt. Siegfried, the father, runs an antique shop, while his wife Vera looks after their home and the three children Chris, Marion and Thommy. Chris is a duteous police officer who marries the complicated Tina, daughter of a wealthy family, but his sister couldn't really handle her life after she gives birth to little Daniel and becomes a single mom. Then, Siegfried's mother moves in and annoys the whole family. After a while, Vera and Siegfried buy and begin to renovate an old mill, but the financial problems and the stress is too much for Siegfried who dies after a heart attack. In this difficult time, Vera is supported by uncle Ludwig, a relative who suddenly turns up. In secret, he falls in love with her, but she starts a disappointing relationship with journalist Martin Sanders whose wife Brigitte tries to destroy their love. The following years, the family has to overcome many problems and disasters. Chris is killed by a hooligan and Tina has to raise her black adopted son. Marion has an affair with a pander, but finally finds her true love. In the last episod, Vera follows a frustrated Ludwig to Mauritius, while Marion discovers that the mill -with her grandmother in it- is burning down... - IMDb

Es bleibt in der Familie (working title) West Germany
Familia Drombusch Spain
Kein Tag wie der andere (working title) West Germany

Children's Cast:

Eike Hagen Schweikhardt 'Thomi' Drombusch / Thomas 'Thomi' Drombusch / Thomas Drombusch (TV Episode: Der Aufbruch) (1983)

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