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The Red Mill

The Red Mill (United Kingdom)

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1927 January, 29
74 minutes
Comedy / Romance
$ 539 000

Tina works as a barmaid at the Red Mill Tavern and is at the mercy of volatile and bad tempered owner, Willem. Dennis is a visitor to the area and Tina soon falls in love with him. Dennis doesn't share her feeling and leaves only to return later on. He becomes interested in Gretchen, the Burgomaster's daughter. However, Gretchen, about to enter into an arranged marriage with the Governor, is in love with Captain Jacop Van Goop. Tina and Gretchen enter into an elaborate masquerade in order to be with the men they each love. - IMDb

Czerwony młyn Poland
Das Hollandmädel Austria
Moinho Vermelho Brazil
O Moinho Portugal
The Red Mill South Africa
The Red Mill United Kingdom
The Red Mill USA
The Red Mill Canada
The Red Mill Egypt
The Red Mill Belgium
Die Rote Mühle Austria
Szellemek ha találkoznak Hungary
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A Vörös malom Hungary
Красная мельница Soviet Union

Children's Cast:

Mary Ann Jackson [4] Little Girl
Adeline Craig [6] Village Girl
Tommy Hicks [10] Fat Boy flying kite
Walter Wilkinson [10] Village Boy
Leon Janney [9] Village Boy