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Faráruv konec

The End of a Priest (United Kingdom)

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1969 January, 10
98 minutes
Production Company:

A verger, who likes to dress as a priest, is invited, by one of the villagers, to be the pastor at a vacant church. The atheist teacher resents the pastor, and tries to embarrass him in various ways, including being caught with the local girl, Majka. - IMDb

End of a Priest  
The End of a Priest United Kingdom
The End of a Priest  
The End of a Priest USA
Das Ende einer Priest (informal literal title) West Germany
Farářův konec Czechoslovakia
La fin d'un prêtre (informal literal title) France
El Fin de un sacerdote (informal literal title) Spain
Koniec proboszcza Poland
De Kosten gaat voor het celibaat uit... Netherlands
Morte di un parroco Italy
O Fim de um Sacerdote (informal literal title) Portugal
A Pap vége Hungary
The Parson's End  

Children's Cast:

Andrea Cunderlíková [16] Mladá maminka