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Law & Order: Criminal Intent (TV series 2001-2011)


Aka: Law & Order: CI (USA: promotional abbreviation)
Director: Frank Prinzi, Jean de Segonzac, Steve Shill ... more
Year: 2001
Country: USA
Runtime: 60 minutes
Genre: Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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This show centers on the NYPD's Major Case Squad (and the offbeat, Sherlock Holmes-like Detective Robert Goren) in its efforts to stop the worst criminal offenders in New York. It also puts a new twist to the "Law & Order" formula: now, in each episode, we see the crimes as they are planned and committed. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Ty Simpkins [4] Jake (TV Episode: Ex Stasis) (2005)
Liam Aiken [12] Jason / Robbie Bishop (TV Episode: Bright Boy) (2002)
Seamus Davey-Fitzpatrick [8] Henry Copeland (TV Episode: Bedfellows) (2006)
Reiley McClendon [13] Jason Connors (TV Episode: Happy Family) (2003)
Chris Massoglia [11] Sam Connors (TV Episode: Happy Family) (2003)
Tommy Nelson [10] Clay Darren, Jr. (TV Episode: Courtship) (2007)
Jan Uczkowski [8] Ray Garrett's Son (TV Episode: Semi-Detached) (2004)
Clare Foley Amanda Novak (TV Episode: Gods & Insects) (2010)
Anton Yelchin [17] Keith Tyler (TV Episode: Tru Love) (2006)
Jordan Burt [14] Kenny Parsons (TV Episode: Sex Club) (2005)
Kelly Singer [11] Fiona Devlin (TV Episode: Graansha) (2003)
Lindsay Andretta [10] Natalia Rankin (TV Episode: Phantom) (2002)
Lydia Jordan Tina De Pinna / Charlotte / Sophie Feldman (TV Episode: To the Bone) (2002)
Samantha Lucier 2nd Grandchild (TV Episode: Poison) (2001)
Vivien Cardone [17] Paulette Bartol (TV Episode: Delicate) (2010)
Jason Fuchs [16] Ricky Feldman (TV Episode: Crazy) (2002)
Dylan Hartigan [12] Jeffy (TV Episode: Legacy) (2008)
Benjamin Ross Kaplan [12] Chess Boy (TV Episode: Gone) (2005)
Scarlett Sperduto [5] Emma Neminger (TV Episode: Inert Dwarf) (2004)
Cole Hawkins [15] Martell (TV Episode: To the Bone) (2006)
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