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Woof! (TV series 1989-1997)

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1989 February, 18
30 minutes
Production Company:

Long running Children's TV series telling the stories and adventures of a young schoolboy who gains the power of transforming himself into a dog. Only his best friend knows this and helps him protect the secret from the boy's parents, the school headmaster Mr. Blocker and also from their friend and their school-teacher Miss Jessop. Over the years, the cast changes (due to the young children growing up.) so that we see three different set of adventures for three school-children (with always a boy the one who turns into a dog.) with three different breeds of dog - all with Miss Jessop linking them... - IMDb

Un cane di nome Wolf Italy

Children's Cast:

Illya Woloshyn [12] Boy In Opening Sequence (TV Episode: A Boy Called Rex) (1993)
Zoe Hodges April Fuller (TV Episode: Love Among the Cricket Bats) (1993)
Edward Fidoe [11] Eric Banks / Dog #1 / Eric (TV Episode: A Boy Called Rex) (1989)
Thomas Aldwinckle [12] Roy Ackerman (TV Episode: Dad's Birthday) (1989)
Sarah Smart [14] Rachel Hobbs
Felix Billson Simon (TV Episode: Getting up Steam) (1994)

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