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The Adventures of Black Beauty (TV series 1972-1974)


Aka: Prince noir (France)
Director: Charles Crichton, Alan Gibson, Gerry Poulson ... more
Year: 1972
Country: UK
Runtime: 55 minutes
Genre: Adventure / Family

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Black Beauty is a pure black, thoroughbred horse in late 19th Century rural England who is adopted into the household of James Gordon, a local doctor and widower, and befriended by his daughter's Vicky( season 1) Jenny ( season 2), son Kevin, and their friends Albert, Robbie(season 1) and Ned (season 2). Each week the children get involved in an adventure that brings them into contact with all sorts of colourful characters and villians. You can always be assured, however, that Beauty is on hand to help save the day. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Stacy Dorning [15] Jenny Gordon (TV Episode: The Last Roundup) (1973)
Stephen Garlick [14] Ned Lewis (TV Episode: Game of Chance) (1973)
Keith Chegwin [15] Tom Honeywood (TV Episode: The Recruiting Sergeant) (1972)
Roderick Shaw [14] Kevin Gordon / Kevin (TV Episode: The Last Roundup) (1972)

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