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Skins (TV series 2007-2013)

Skins (United Kingdom)

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2007 January, 25
United Kingdom
46 minutes
Production Company:


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Series One and Two focuses on a group of British teens trying to grow up and learn about love and life with little adult supervision (and lots of PARTYING). Sid tries to be everyone's friend and usually ends up on the short end of the stick. He is mostly manipulated by best friend Tony, whose girlfriend Michelle he is in love with. Tony is one to try anything once, including every girl he meets. He manipulates not only Sid and Michelle but anyone else who will let him. Anwar is just looking to lose his virginity, and though he is Muslim, it rarely stops him from partying excessively. Gay and popular friend Maxxie is along for the ride, while trying to pursue his dream of being a dancer and actor in London. Cassie, an anorexic basket-case, is in love with Sid, who overlooks her time and time again. Straight-laced Jal wants to focus on her musical ambitions. - IMDb

Они - подростки, дети современной Британии, со своими проблемами и радостями жизни. Переходный возраст, формирование личности, проявление характера. Секс, наркотики, вечеринки и вызов всему сознательному миру. Они не признают правила, мораль и принципы обычной жизни. Они хотят быть независимыми и делать только то, что хочется им самим. Им плевать на порядок и общественные устои. Они - новое поколение.

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Juventude à Flor da Pele Brazil
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Skins Egypt
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Children's Cast:

Dakota Blue Richards [17] Franky Fitzgerald (TV Episode: Finale) (2011)
Max Baldry [17] Banjo (TV Episode: Pure: Part 1) (2013)
Dev Patel [17] Anwar Kharral (TV Episode: Everyone) (2007)
Redd Smith James Fitch (TV Episode: Katie) (2009)
Kaya Scodelario [15] Effy Stonem (TV Episode: Fire: Part 2) (2007)
Jack O'Connell [19] James Cook (TV Episode: Rise: Part 2) (2009)
Charlotte Beaumont Cheska (TV Episode: Alo) (2012)
Stefan Iancu [12] Party Guest (TV Episode: Cook) (2009)
Georgia Henshaw [17] Lara Lloyd (TV Episode: JJ) (2010)