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Kommissar Rex (TV series 1994-2008)


Also known as: Rex: A Cop's Best Friend (UK)
Inspector Rex (Australia)
Director: Hans Werner, Oliver Hirschbiegel, Michael Riebl ... more
Release: 10 Nov 1994
Country: Austria
Runtime: 45 minutes
Genre: Crime / Action / Mystery

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After Rex's handler is killed, Richie Moser, newly divorced, finds himself drawn to Rex and breaks him out of the police center. And the new partnership is born. Rex uses his abilities to help track down the criminals and protect the innocent - and prevent his handler from falling in love.

Children's Cast:

Phillippa Galli [17] Jana Bergmann (TV Episode: Wenn Kinder sterben wollen) (2002)
Gabriele Manfredi [12] Roberto Mariotti - child (TV Episode: Antefatto) (2009)
Nicola Etzelstorfer [14] Lisa Klein / Kathie Bacher (TV Episode: Kinder auf der Flucht) (2000)

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