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Law & Order (TV series 1990-2010)

Also known as: Law & Order Prime (USA: informal title)
Law and Order (USA: alternative spelling)
Director: Constantine Makris, Edwin Sherin, Jace Alexander ... more
Release: 13 Sep 1990
Country: USA
Runtime: 45 minutes
Genre: Crime / Drama / Mystery / Thriller

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The show follows a crime, ususally adapted from current headlines, from two separate vantage points. The first half of the show concentrates on the investigation of the crime by the police, the second half follows the prosecution of the crime in court. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Jena Malone [24] Michelle Landon (TV Episode: Lost Boys) (2008)
Liam Aiken [8] Tory Quinlann / Jack Ericson (TV Episode: Disappeared) (1998)
Ellen Muth [16] Adele Green (TV Episode: Thrill) (1997)
Sam Huntington [15] Terry Lawlor (TV Episode: Burned) (1997)
Austin Williams [12] Billy Boone (TV Episode: Angelgrove) (2008)
Sophie Nyweide Agatha Archer (TV Episode: Charity Case) (2007)
Eddie Alderson [15] Todd (TV Episode: Pledge) (2009)
Adam LaVorgna [17] Hayden (TV Episode: Damaged) (1998)
Ashley Carin [9] Gloria Ball / Jessica (TV Episode: Carrier) (1992)
Cameron Bowen [8] Billy Woodson / Seven year old Rankin (TV Episode: Causa Mortis) (1996)
Carl J. Matusovich [13] Shane Bowker (TV Episode: Sideshow: Part 1) (1999)
Cody Arens [6] Jackie Bender (TV Episode: Hunters) (1999)
Danny Tamberelli [12] Jeffrey (TV Episode: Nurture) (1994)
David Krumholtz [15] Scotty Fisher (TV Episode: Sweeps) (1993)
Emmy Rossum [11] Alison Martin (TV Episode: Ritual) (1997)
Harley Cross [14] Jamie Maser (TV Episode: Trust) (1992)
J. Evan Bonifant [11] Joey Reynolds (TV Episode: Deadbeat) (1996)
John Patrick Amedori [14] Zack (TV Episode: Deep Vote) (2001)
Katie Sagona [10] Antonia Bright (TV Episode: Refuge: Part 1) (1999)
Madeline Zima [8] Samantha Silver (TV Episode: Extended Family) (1993)
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