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Aka: Фогельфрай (Russia)
Director: Janis Kalejs, Janis Putnins, Gatis Smits ... more
Year: 2007
Country: Latvia
Runtime: 95 minutes
Genre: Drama

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A collection of film stories by a quartet of young directors who capture four important moments in one man’s life. Teodors is first a small boy playing games in the summer holidays, then an adolescent hockey-player who starts up a relationship with a girl, a lonely but self-centred and manipulative manager, and finally a rural hunter of birds of prey. Yet he remains a man who is self-conscious and unsure of his surroundings. The stories seem quite ordinary, but they are left open-ended. The film has a wistful, dream-like atmosphere, emotions are kept hidden, festering below the surface. The mood changes – from the child’s carefree summer in the first film to the absurd character of the last film. All four stories are interwoven with a high measure of authenticity and sensitivity towards their insecure, withdrawn heroes.

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Children's Cast:

Igors Suhoverhovs Teodors - Child

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