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The Listener (TV series)

Aka: Hetedik érzék (Hungary)
Director: Clement Virgo, Kari Skogland, Peter Stebbings ... more
Year: 2009
Country: Canada
Runtime: 42 minutes
Genre: Crime / Drama / Fantasy / Sci-Fi

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A young paramedic discovers he has telepathic powers. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Dakota Goyo [10] Nicki (TV Episode: I'm an Adult Now) (2009)
Erin Pitt Lisa (TV Episode: Lockdown) (2012)
Keir Gilchrist [17] Daniel / Lisa (TV Episode: Lisa Says) (2009)
Tyler Stevenson Andrew Higgins (TV Episode: A Voice in the Dark) (2009)
Peter DaCunha [9] Dustin Lamb (TV Episode: Captain Nightfall) (2012)
Keeva Lynk [10] Young Hack Girl (TV Episode: Jericho) (2011)
John Paul Ruttan [8] Boy (TV Episode: Beginning to See the Light) (2009)

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