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Reno 911! (TV series 2003-2009)

Reno 911! (United Kingdom)
Reno 911! Defunded (USA: eighth season title)
Ugly Americans (USA)

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2003 July, 23
22 minutes
Comedy / Crime
Production Company:
$ 325 000


The lives of seven incompetent Reno sheriff's deputies are detailed in this "Cops" style parody. Among the colorful characters are Lt. Jim Dangle, the short shorts-wearing, flamboyantly gay supervisor; Deputy James Garcia, who makes police brutality an art form; Deputy Trudy Wiegel, the manic depressive, socially awkward officer; Deputy Clementine Johnson, the skanky former magician's assistant; Deputy Travis Junior, the redneck who is never seen without his kevlar vest and sunglasses; Deputy S. Jones, the semi-competent ladies' man; and Deputy Raineesha Williams, the bootylicious black cop with an attitude. - IMDb

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Reno 911! United Kingdom
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Reno 911! Defunded (eighth season title) USA
Reno 911, n'appelez pas ! France
Ugly Americans USA
Zsaruk bevetésen Hungary
Рино 911 Russia

Children's Cast:

Chip Hormess [12] Pete (TV Episode: Hodgepodge) (2007)
La Na Shi Girl Scout (TV Episode: The Wall) (2008)
Matthew Glen Johnson [10] 3rd Grade Student (TV Episode: Getaway Trailer) (2009)
Amber Hay [16] Bridesmade (TV Episode: Help from the FBI) (2003)
Blaine Miller [12] Go-Kart Kid / BMX Kid (TV Episode: Clementine's Pregnant) (2003)
Daniel Vasquez Sign Language Interpreter (TV Episode: Strong Sister) (2008)
Elise Luthman [10] 3rd Grade Student (TV Episode: Getaway Trailer) (2009)
Ian Meltzer Loitering Kid (TV Episode: Released from Prison) (2005)