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Aka: Scars (World-wide)
Director: Lars Berg
Year: 2002
Country: Norway
Runtime: 76 minutes
Genre: Drama / Family

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Scars is a funny, slightly sad film about three buddies, Roger, Viktor and Arnor, who experience a lot of cool stuff and some dopey stuff (as Roger would have put it). It starts when O.K., Viktor's big brother, a ladies' man with a letterman's jacket, busts his arm making a save that would have sent him to the district's best hockey team if it wasn't for the dark cloud that started growing in his eyes. The boys decide to start a band to attract girls, instead of struggeling with a hockey career. But their image doesn't quite work. Arnor stops three centimeters from The Big Kiss; Viktor meets Sissel, probably the only person in the world who asks more questions than him; and Roger is going nuts since Car, his big sister, slapped Remi, the ugliest of the motorheads. Suddenly O.K. looks like a sinking ship, Roger gets Arnor's grandmother drunk at their church's midsummer party, Viktor touches the wrong girl's boobs at Nadine's party, Remi swears vengeance when he realizes what has been going on, and from there the boys simply hang on for dear life.

Children's Cast:

Eirik Evjen Viktor
Eirik Stigar Arnor
Martin Jonny Raaen Eidissen Roger
Iben Akerlie Wendy
Ferdinand Falsen Hiis Lille-Jonas

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