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Blind Justice (TV series)

Blind Justice (Australia)

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2005 March, 8
60 minutes
Drama / Crime / Mystery

A heist gone wrong. A gunman with an AK-47. Three officers trapped without ammo. His partner frozen in fear, Detective Jim Dunbar without hesitation took action of intense bravery that killed the gunman, saved the officers and made him a hero. He also took a bullet that blinded him forever. Most officers injured in the line of duty opt for desk jobs or early retirement. Not Dunbar. He's rehabilitated both body and attitude and fought his way back to active duty. His fresh start at a new precinct is threatened by the simple truth that no one really wants him there. His new partner, Karen Bettencourt, doesn't trust that she can rely on him. However, being blind makes Dunbar a better cop than he ever has been. Steven Bochco's drama stars Ron Eldard (frequent guest star of Скорая помощь (1994) as Dunbar, who tackles the issue of handicapped employees head-on. Unique visual effects give us a window on what Dunbar "sees" with his remaining senses, as he learns to be a better cop and a better man. He has a long way to go to conquer his demons, but at least he's back on the streets. - IMDb

Blind Justice Australia
Blind Justice Italy
Blind Justice USA
Blind Justice - Ermittler mit geschärften Sinnen West Germany
Justicia ciega Ecuador
Justicia ciega Spain
Ślepa sprawiedliwość Poland
Sokea oikeus Finland
Tyfli dikaiosyni (transliterated title) Greece
Vak igazság Hungary

Children's Cast:

Devon Alan [14] Ethan Archer (TV Episode: Leap of Faith) (2005)