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Night Eyes Three

Night Eyes 3 (USA: alternative spelling)
Night Eyes III (USA: alternative spelling)
Night Eyes Three (USA)

My Rating: /10
Rating:  awaiting 3 votes    IMDb

1993 September, 1
97 minutes
Drama / Thriller


Zoe Clairmont, star of the hit TV show "Sweet Angels", is being stalked by her ex-boyfriend, so she hires Night Eyes Security guard Will to protect her. Complicating matters are the schemes of her jealous co-star, business rivalry from a competing security agency hoping to put Night Eyes out of business, and the sexual attraction that inevitably builds between Zoe and Will. - IMDb

Bodyguard für heiße Nächte West Germany
Éjszakai szemek 3. Hungary
Hilary è morta Italy
Momentos Escaldantes Portugal
Night Eyes 3 (alternative spelling) USA
Night Eyes 3 (alternative spelling) United Kingdom
Night Eyes III (alternative spelling) USA
Night Eyes Three Canada
Night Eyes Three Indonesia
Night Eyes Three Philippines
Night Eyes Three USA
Night Eyes Three United Kingdom
Ojos en la noche III Spain
Olhos Noturnos 3 Brazil
Skoteina matia 3 Greece
Skoteini matia 3 Greece
Les yeux de la nuit 3 France
Ночное наблюдение 3 Russia
Нощни очи 3 Bulgaria
媚眼激情夜3 China

Children's Cast:

Allison Mack [11] Natalie