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Le grand appartement

Aka: Az Oltári nagy lakás (Hungary)
Director: Pascal Thomas
Year: 2006
Country: France
Runtime: 103 minutes
Genre: Comedy

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Thanks to the law of 1948 and to her grandmother, the nominal tenant who is always absent, Francesca Cigalone and all her tribe (thoughtless husband, orphan sister, self-centered film maker and his mistress of the day, eccentric granny, friends, friends of the friends, daughter...) live on a shoestring in a very big apartment. Which is not to the liking of supercilious bitchy owner Charlotte Falingard, who has been intent for some time on having them evicted for obvious speculative reasons. But suing Francesca is no bed of roses. The lady is tenacious. Moreover she once studied law... - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Victoria Lafaurie Victoria

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