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The Ransom

Assault in Paradise (USA)
Maniac (USA)
Maniac! (USA: reissue title)
Ransom (USA)
The Ransom (USA)
The Town That Cried Terror (USA)

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1977 April, 29
90 minutes
Thriller / Crime

A Native American travels around a resort town, murdering cops and rich people with a high-powered crossbow, while demanding that the town's richest residents pay him money to stop the killings. - IMDb

1 million $ par meurtre France
Assault in Paradise USA
Assault on Paradise  
Assaut sur la ville Canada
Caza criminal Spain
Doppio colpo Italy
Epikindynos stohos (transliterated title) Greece
Fidye Turkey
Furia asesina Mexico
Kuoleman lunnaat (video box title) Finland
Løsepenger Norway
Maniac USA
Maniac Romania
Maniac! (reissue title) USA
A Nyílvesszős gyilkos Hungary
Ransom USA
Ransom Spain
The Ransom USA
The Ransom Canada
The Ransom United Kingdom
Răscumpărarea Romania
Rescate Colombia
Resgate Brazil
Stadt in Angst West Germany
The Town That Cried Terror  
The Town That Cried Terror USA
Un million de dollars par meurtre (alternative spelling) France
Utpressningen Sweden

Children's Cast:

Kim Hopkins [11] Allisa