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Se mig nu

Now Look at Me (World-wide)

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2001 October, 5
25 minutes

Two fifteen-year old cousins, Iben and Sanne, are invited to spend their summer holiday with their aunt, the owner of a dilapidated spa in Eastern Europe. The aunt is an eccentric woman, whose life is sustained by memories of a time long past; whereas, Iben and Sanne are eager and hungry for life. Soon after their arrival, they discover Felix, a young man who has pitched his tent in the aunt's large, overgrown park. All three women are drawn to Felix. Yet, while the aunt continues in her reveries and Sanne begins to play with the idea of a romance, Iben casts herself into a secretive, new world of longing and intimacy, love and separation. - IMDb

Now Look at Me (World-wide)  
Spójrz na mnie Poland

Children's Cast:

Denisa Nesvacková Sanne 7år
Hana Moucková Iben 7år
Emily Marie Yatman [16] Sanne