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Foyle's War (TV series 2002-2015)

Foyle's War (United Kingdom)

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2002 October, 27
United Kingdom
100 minutes
Crime / Drama / Mystery / War


It is 1940 and Britain stands almost alone against the might of Nazi Germany across the continent. The terrors of nightly bombing raids are only matched by the fear and hysteria of the population at the prospect of the seemingly inevitable German invasion. It is in this environment that Detective Chief Superintendent Christopher Foyle, of the Hastings Police on the south coast of England, works. Denied a transfer to the war effort, Foyle is nonetheless forced to confront the darkest acts of humanity on a daily basis. With his official driver, Sam, and his subordinate, Paul Milner, Foyle investigates murders, looting and theft, crimes of opportunism, crimes of war, crimes of passion and crimes of greed, because crime isn't stopped because of warfare. - IMDb

Detektyw Foyle Poland
Foilo karas Lithuania
Foyle háborúja Hungary
Foyle's War United Kingdom
Foyle's War Hong Kong
Foyle's War Israel
Foyle's War India
Foyle's War India
Foyle's War Italy
Foyle's War Mexico
Foyle's War Netherlands
Foyle's War Philippines
Foyle's War Sweden
Foyle's War United Arab Emirates
Foyle's War Singapore
Foyle's War Thailand
Foyle's War Turkey
Foyle's War USA
Foyle's War South Africa
Foyle's War Australia
Foyle's War Canada
Foyle's War Canada
Foyle's War West Germany
Foyle's War Ecuador
Foyle's War Spain
Foyle's War France
Foylen sota Finland
Foyleov rat Croatia
Foyles krig Finland
Inspector Foyle West Germany
Kriminalkommissær Foyle Denmark
Kriminalsjef Foyle Norway
O polemos tou Foyle (transliterated title) Greece
Razboiul lui Foyle Romania
Війна Фойла Ukraine
Война Фойла Russia
Войната на Фойл Bulgaria
Фојлов рат Serbia
刑事フォイル Japan
戰地神探 Taiwan
포일의 전쟁 South Korea

Children's Cast:

Barney Clark [10] Tim (TV Episode: War Games) (2003)
Harry Eden [17] Terry Morgan (TV Episode: Casualties of War) (2007)
Charlie G. Hawkins [12] Brian (TV Episode: War Games) (2003)
Dominic Howell [12] Nicholas (TV Episode: Casualties of War) (2007)
Robert Donnelly Simmonds (TV Episode: Sunflower) (2013)
Will Harrow [11] Boy (TV Episode: Eagle Day) (2002)
Gregg Prentice Joe Cooper (TV Episode: A Lesson in Murder) (2002)
Joshua Lewis James Nicholson (TV Episode: Casualties of War) (2007)
Louis Nummy Daniel Dawson (TV Episode: Broken Souls) (2008)
Charlie Clarke Kid (TV Episode: All Clear) (2008)
Jed Burns Paperboy (TV Episode: All Clear) (2008)
Finn Bennett Young James Devereaux (TV Episode: The Hide) (2010)
Oliver Churm Michael Barnes (TV Episode: Trespass) (2015)