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Walt Disney Presents: Annette (TV series)

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1958 February, 11
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Annette stars as a simple orphan coming from a small country farm to the upper-class suburbs so she can live with an aunt and uncle she hasn't seen in years. At first, she's excited to finally have solid home. Her aunt takes her shopping and gives her a new look, while her uncle makes her school plans ready, and the house maid babies her no end. But it's the other kids in town that at last give Annette something to worry about. Some are snobs, some are obnoxious, and the ones she does get along with are the sort of people her aunt believes are beneath her. With a new crush on the popular boy in school, Annette becomes the target of his jealous girlfriend. Her life may never be simple again. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Rudy Lee Olmstead 'Steady' Ware (TV Episode: The Mystery Is Solved) (1958)
Cheryl Holdridge [14] Madge Markham (TV Episode: The Newcomer) (1958)
Doreen Tracey [15] Val Abernathy (TV Episode: The Mystery Is Solved) (1958)
Sharon Baird [15] Kitty / Kitty Blalock (TV Episode: The Mystery Is Solved) (1958)
David Stollery [17] Mike / Mike Abernathy / Mike Martin (TV Episode: The Mystery Is Solved) (1958)
Barry Curtis [15] Court Whitney
Lynn Fields [14] Pat Boran (TV Episode: The Newcomer) (1958)

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