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Fireside Theatre (TV series 1949-1955)

Fireside Theatre (USA)
Jane Wyman Presents (USA: new title)
The Jane Wyman Show (USA: new title)

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1949 April, 5
30 minutes

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Antología Spain
Fireside Theatre USA
Jane Wyman Presents (new title) USA
The Jane Wyman Show (new title) USA
Kleine Spiele aus Übersee West Germany
Teatro Fireside Venezuela
ジェーン・ワイマンの炉端劇場 Japan

Children's Cast:

Bobby Driscoll [17] Jimmy (TV Episode: His Father's Keeper) (1954)
Gary Gray [15] Johnny (TV Episode: The Acquittal) (1951)
Jimmy Hunt [11] Johnny (TV Episode: The Kingdom Within) (1950)
Karolyn Grimes [13] (TV Episode: His Name Is Jason) (1953)
Rudy Lee (TV Episode: An Argument with Death) (1955)
Sandy Descher [8] (TV Episode: The Alien) (1953)
Anthony Sydes [10] (TV Episode: White Violet) (1951)
Nadine Ashdown [10] (TV Episode: Not the Marrying Kind) (1955)
Robert Lyden [8] (TV Episode: No Children, No Dogs) (1950)
Sherry Jackson [7] Little Girl (TV Episode: The Doll/The Bet) (1949)
Lee Aaker [10] Sandy (TV Episode: The Boy Down the Road) (1953)
Rusty Hamer [6] (TV Episode: Money Under the Tree) (1953)
David Stollery [9] Pete (TV Episode: The Case of Marina Goodwin) (1950)
Jon Provost [5] (TV Episode: Sergeant Sullivan Speaking) (1955)
Teddy Infuhr [17] (TV Episode: The Shattered Dream) (1953)
Carol Coombs [16] (TV Episode: The Tunnel) (1951)
Billy Gray [16] Barry (TV Episode: The First Prize) (1954)
Skip Torgerson [10] (TV Episode: Trial Period) (1954)
Stephen Wootton [9] (TV Episode: Nine Quarts of Water) (1954)
Peter J. Votrian [13] Jackie Carney (TV Episode: Mr. Onion) (1955)
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