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Private Secretary (TV series 1953-1957)

Susie (USA: syndication title)

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1953 February, 1
30 minutes


Susie is secretary to handsome talent agent Peter Sands and keeps getting messed up in (and messing up) his private life. She's assisted (usually) by receptionist Vi and semi-rival Sylvia. Cagey is Peter's business rival. The show alternated Sunday nights with "The Jack Benny Show." - IMDb

Susie (syndication title) USA
Susie Spain
Susie, Minha Secretária Favorita Brazil

Children's Cast:

Stanley Fafara [5] (TV Episode: The Little Monster) (1954)
Sherry Jackson [11] (TV Episode: Child Labor) (1953)
Tiger Fafara [11] Dickie Darling (TV Episode: Old Dogs, New Tricks) (1956)
Danny Richards Jr. [14] Harold Lemaire (TV Episode: Old Dogs, New Tricks) (1956)
Linda Lowell [12] Child (TV Episode: Thy Name Is Sands) (1957)
Kathy Garver [8] Angela (TV Episode: Child Labor) (1953)

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