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Challenge to Lassie

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1949 October, 31
76 minutes
Drama / Family
Production Company:


In 1860 Ediburgh, sheep herder Jock Gray finds a Collie puppy on the loose. When she is unclaimed, he takes her as his own and calls her Lassie. They are soon inseparable but when Jock dies and is buried in an unmarked grave, Lassie takes to sleeping in the churchyard to be near him. Jock's good friend John Traill is prepared to find a good home for Lassie but no matter how hard he tries, she always manages to get away and despite any obstacles put in her way, manages to get back to Jock's grave. It all comes to a head when a local magistrate orders her destroyed for not having a license leading Traill to take his case to a higher court. - IMDb

Le défi de Lassie France
Desafio de Lassie Brazil
El Desafío de Lassie Spain
Lassie in Not West Germany
Lassie kihívása Hungary
Lassie lain kourissa Finland
Lassie, vallhunden Sweden
Lassies Sieg Austria
O Desafio de Lassie Portugal
Il ritorno di Lassie Italy
Trofaste Lassie Norway
La victoria de Lassie Mexico
Wyzwanie dla Lassie Poland

Children's Cast:

Jimmy Hawkins [7] Tenement Child
David Bair [8] Tenement Child
Kathryn Beaumont [11] Tenement Child
Paul Collins [12] Tenement Child
Richard Glynn [11] Tenement Child

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