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Mr. Skeffington

Mr. Skeffington (Australia)

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1944 May, 25
146 minutes
Drama / Romance
Production Company:


It's 1914 in New York City. Adult brother and sister Trippy Trellis and Fanny Trellis, whose parents are now deceased, were once wealthy, but Trippy squandered away the family fortune, about which no one knows except their cousin George Trellis and their many creditors. Fanny and Trippy still put on the façade to the outside world that they have money. The beautiful Fanny can have any man that she wants to marry, but she sets her sights on Job Skeffington, the son of Russian-Jewish immigrants. Job's wealth was self-made in finance. They met as Trippy was once employed by Job in his brokerage house. Fanny and Job, who is now aware of the Trellis' financial straits, ultimately do get married, much to the consternation of Fanny's many suitors, but most specifically to Trippy, who knows the reason why Fanny married him. Job also realizes that Fanny does not love him, but is unaware of the real reason she agreed to marry him. After their marriage, Fanny's suitors are still around with more joining the ranks, which Job does not mind as he is aware that Fanny is not leading them on. But when the reason for Fanny marrying Job no longer exists, their relationship changes. They have to figure out what to do, which now takes into consideration their daughter, also named Fanny. As time goes on, they grow into middle age and Fanny's physical beauty deteriorates, Fanny comes to the realization of what is really important in life. - IMDb

La cruz de su dolor Mexico
Femme aimée est toujours jolie France
Femme aimée est toujours jolie Belgium
Femme aimée est toujours jolie Canada
Een geliefde vrouw is altijd mooi Belgium
Günahkâr kadın Turkey
En kvinnas väg Sweden
Das Leben der Mrs. Skeffington West Germany
Das Leben der Mrs. Skeffington West Germany
Marameno louloudi (transliterated title) Greece
Mr. Skeffington Australia
Mr. Skeffington United Kingdom
Mr. Skeffington USA
Naisen valta Finland
Pan Skeffington Poland
El Señor Skeffington Spain
La signora Skeffington Italy
Vaidosa Brazil
A Vaidosa Portugal
La vanidosa Argentina
Μαραμένο λουλούδι Greece
Господин Скефингтон Serbia
Мистер Скеффингтон Soviet Union
史格芬顿先生 China

Children's Cast:

Gigi Perreau [3] Fanny at Age 2
Sylvia Arslan [10] Fanny at Age 10