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ITV Saturday Night Theatre (TV series)

ITV Sunday Night Theatre (United Kingdom: new title)

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1969 January, 11
United Kingdom
78 minutes

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ITV Saturday Night Theatre South Korea
ITV Sunday Night Theatre (new title) United Kingdom

Children's Cast:

Cathryn Harrison [14] Angela (TV Episode: The Intruders) (1973)
Mark Dightam [10] Peter (TV Episode: Fly Away Home) (1969)
Zuleika Robson [16] Henrietta Jardine / Theresa Drummond (TV Episode: Machine) (1969)
Julie Dawn Cole [16] Helen (TV Episode: The Intruders) (1973)
Sean Bury [17] Bob Blissett (TV Episode: Fly on the Wall: The General) (1971)
Pheona McLellan Sarah (TV Episode: Sarah) (1973)
Mark Praid Helmut Goebbels (TV Episode: The Death of Adolf Hitler) (1973)
Lesley Dunlop [16] Ann Griffin / Petra Bordone (TV Episode: The Rose Garden) (1972)
Brian Pettifer [16] Adam Armour (TV Episode: My Bonnie Jean) (1969)
Frank Heaton Peter Latimer