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Over My Dead Body (TV series 1990-1991)

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1990 October, 26
60 minutes
Crime / Drama
Production Company:

Maxwell Beckett worked for Scotland Yard as a researcher. Today is an author of mystery novels living in San Francisco. Somehow everyone believes that he was an Inspector, so that's what they call him. And it seems that he has been going through a slump. It seems that his books don't have the same spark that they had before. While he struggles to regain his form, Nikki Page a reporter, who is assigned to do mundane jobs, would like to be taken seriously. So, whenever there's a mystery, she turns to Max to help in solving it, thinking it would make a good story. Max thinks Nikki's a nuisance, but hoping that their snooping around would be good material for his next novel goes along. - IMDb

Pas de faire-part pour Max France

Children's Cast:

Scott Curtis [14] Chris Shaw (TV Episode: Dad and Buried) (1990)
Taylor Fry [9] Lorelei (TV Episode: Obits and Pieces) (1990)

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