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Empty Cradle (TV)

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1993 October, 3
96 minutes

Jane Morgan gives birth to her baby at the hospital. When she wakes up the next morning, the hospital tells her, that her son died at birth. However from ultrasound reading she had before, she knew she was having a girl. Now the hospital is stone-walling her, saying she is just in denial, due to her loss. Now she is trying to fight the system, to find evidence of the apparent mistake by the hospital. Only it wasn't the hospital's mistake. Nurse Rita Donohue is the one who made the switch. She faked a pregnancy to hang on to her roving boyfriend. But she grabbed the wrong baby, her boyfriend wants a son, so now she's faking a second pregnancy, and making plans to get another baby. - IMDb

Le berceau vide (dubbed version) France
Madre a cualquier precio (alternative title) Spain
Madre a tutti i costi Italy
Obsessão Maternal Portugal
Triste canción de cuna Spain
Tyhjä kehto Finland
Um Berço Vazio Brazil
Wiegenlied des Schreckens Germany

Children's Cast:

Camilla Belle [7] Sally
Zachary Browne [8] Sam

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