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Zeke and Luther (TV series)

Aka: Mongoose & Luther (USA: working title)
Director: Gregory Hobson, Savage Steve Holland, Eyal Gordin ... more
Year: 2009
Country: USA
Runtime: 30 minutes
Genre: Action / Adventure / Comedy

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Two best friends set their sights on becoming the world's greatest skateboarders. - IMDb

Children's Cast:

Ryan Newman [11] Ginger (TV Episode: Sk8 Mile) (2009)
Leo Howard [12] Hart Hamlin (TV Episode: Crash Dummies) (2009)
Mason Cook [10] Marty (TV Episode: Bro-Ho-Ho) (2010)
Abigail Mavity [16] Lisa Grubner (TV Episode: Inside Luther's Brain) (2009)
David Gore [13] Kirby Cheddar (TV Episode: Bro-Ho-Ho) (2009)
Lily Jackson [11] Poochie (TV Episode: Board in Class) (2009)
Ryan Ochoa [14] Deuce (TV Episode: Old Nasty) (2010)
Andy Scott Harris [11] Trick-or-Treater (TV Episode: Haunted Board) (2009)
Jake Short [12] Kenny Coffey (TV Episode: Bros Go Pro) (2009)
Nate Hartley [17] Ozzie (TV Episode: Skate Troopers) (2009)
Davis Cleveland [8] Roy Waffles (TV Episode: Little Bro, Big Trouble) (2010)
Adam Hicks [17] Luther (TV Episode: Inside Luther's Brain) (2009)
Hayden Byerly [11] Skunk Wetzel (TV Episode: Luther Turns Four) (2011)
Bodhi Schulz O'Malley #1 (TV Episode: Donut Jockey) (2009)
Kai Schulz O'Malley #2 (TV Episode: Donut Jockey) (2009)
Hutch Dano [17] Zeke (TV Episode: There's No Buisness Like Bro Business: Part 2) (2009)
River Stone Mckeever Skeeter (TV Episode: Luther Turns Four) (2011)

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