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Total Recall 2070 (TV series)

Total Recall 2070 (Australia)

My Rating: /10
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1999 January, 5
44 minutes
Action / Sci-Fi


TOTAL RECALL 2070 is a stunning futuristic thriller about a world so high-tech, man is the only flaw! In the year 2070, the planet Earth is ruled by a single government entity and a conglomeration of corporations that hold absolute power. The crime rate is virtually nonexistent and the Citizen's Protection Bureau defends the innocent from unchecked sociotechnological forces. But when the Bureau partner of Agent David Hume (Michael Easton -- TV's ALLY MCBEAL and THE PRACTICE) is dramatically gunned down, Hume's determination to uncover the dangerous truth behind this shocking crime leads him on a pulse-pounding race through the galaxy! If you're entertained by intelligent, high-tech thrills and intrigue, you won't be able to forget this explosive motion picture!

Desafiament total Spain
Desafío total 2070 Spain
Total Recall (cable TV title) Finland
Total recall - Az emlékmás Hungary
Total Recall 2070 Italy
Total Recall 2070 France
Total Recall 2070 South Korea
Total Recall 2070 Canada
Total Recall 2070 Australia
Total Recall 2070 Poland
Total Recall 2070 Canada
Total Recall 2070 West Germany
Total Recall 2070 USA
Вспомнить всё Russia
トータル・リコール・ザ・シリーズ Japan

Children's Cast:

Alex House [13] Taavo Soodor (TV Episode: Machine Dreams: Part 1) (1999)