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Wild Card (TV series 2003-2005)

Wild Card (USA)
Zoe Busiek: Wild Card (USA)

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2003 August, 2
45 minutes
Drama / Mystery / Comedy / Crime

The somewhat flirtatious, ever charming Daniel 'Dan' Collins, who has criminal connections from his past, investigates as an insurance investigator (effectively as private detective) crimes which (can) cost the insurance company a fortune in extant and/or future damage claims it hopes to pass on to the criminals or avoid altogether as poisoned fruit. His less experienced partner, Zoe Busick, gave up her job in Las Vegas as blackjack dealer when her sister died in a car accident, so she could raise her teenage nieces Taylor and Hannah and nephew Clifford "Cliff" Woodall in Chicago. - IMDb

Fora do baralho (new title) Portugal
Méthode Zoé Canada
Méthode Zoé France
Una nuova vita per Zoe Italy
Saatusemäng Estonia
Wild Card USA
Wild Card South Africa
Zoe Busiek: Wild Card USA
Zoe Busiek: Wild Card Canada
Zoe: factor sorpresa Spain

Children's Cast:

Devin Douglas Drewitz [14] Clifford (TV Episode: Pilot) (2003)
Alex House [17] Ted (TV Episode: Pilot) (2003)
Michael Seater [17] (TV Episode: Dr. Sidney Loses a Kidney) (2004)
Samantha Weinstein [10] Young Zoe (TV Episode: A Whisper from Zoe's Sister) (2005)
Hannah Lochner [10] Young Zoe (TV Episode: Pilot) (2003)
Kylie Lenihan [2] Baby Svetlana (TV Episode: Russian Missus Gets No Kisses) (2005)
Hayley Lochner [12] Young Sue (TV Episode: Pilot) (2003)
Steven Taylor Logan (TV Episode: Sand Trap) (2003)
Aislinn Paul [9] Hannah Woodall